I Promised to Share this, Breath of Fire

Breath of FireRecently I have been including this Breathe of Fire technique in my Detox Boot Camp regime.

It gives a boost of energy. Some people use Breathe of Fire breathing in place of coffee for a morning pick me up.

It helps to focus the mind and boost energy.

Breath of Fire – Kundalini Yoga – Balance pH

It also helps to expel carbon dioxide. This is one of the ways the body expels excess acid. Exhalation of carbon dioxide represents an excretion of acids. So this breathing technique may help to balance the bodies pH.

It is an easy meditation technique and only takes a minute or two. Start out with just a brief round 15-20 seconds. If you start to feel ight headed, stop and go at it a little slower next time. Breathing should be full and deep, not shallow.

The abdomen should act like a bellows, moving in and out. Another side benefit is a little ab workout.

Try it out and leave your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “I Promised to Share this, Breath of Fire”

  1. Thank you for ‘breath of fire’ I must learn proper breathing b/c i think the only time I do it is after i fell asleep. You look like Aundrae the plastic surgeon from the FX show The League… Im sure you hear that all the time

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