Cleansing and Fasting Ideas For Beginners

fastingMost people have an overworked digestive system.

Have you noticed the incredible popularity of digestive aids recently?

Consider giving your digestive system a little vacation. This gives the detoxification systems of the body a chance to clean house. Continue reading “Cleansing and Fasting Ideas For Beginners”

Getting Ready for the Detox Boot Camp


It’s time again for my Detox Boot Camp. I did it last year about this time and had an absolutely wonderful experience. Be the end of the detox, I had more energy and mental clarity, than I’d had in a long time. Not that it was easy. There were a few challenging days for sure.

8 Day Detox Cleanse

In a couple of days I’m going to start the detox. Continue reading “Getting Ready for the Detox Boot Camp”