Liver Cleanse with Herbs and Diet

Liver cleanse
Liver cleanse

Did you know the liver is involved in over 500 functions in the human body? If you take good care of your liver it will take care of you.

That’s why I’m giving my liver some extra TLC during my Detox Boot Camp.

Check out the video, then read more below…

Liver Cleanse with Herbs and Diet

First off, I’m eating a much cleaner and lighter diet during the detox. This lightens the workload of the liver dramatically. Most people eat so much processed food, prescription drugs, caffeinated drinks and so on and on and on, that the liver is way behind schedule. It appreciates a lighter workload.

Famous for the Liver

Milk thistle is one of the most well known herbs for the liver. Herbalists have been recommending it for the liver for a long time. I just pick up some bulk milk thistle at the local herb shop.     A few dollars for an ounce.  I blend the milk thistle with a much larger quantity of flax seed, (1-2 lbs.) and into the blender it goes (2-3 ounces) for my morning smoothie. I’m only getting a very small amount of the milk thistle each day. that one ounce lasts a long time.

The herbalist down at that same herb store recommended St John’s Wort for me as well. She does muscle testing, so that’s how she came to that conclusion. So several tablespoons of bulk St John’s Wort go into the coffee pot with about a quart of hot water each morning, and I’ve got some tea. St John’s wort can cause sun-sensitivity, so do your research before partaking.

Liver Formula

For good measure I’m also taking an herbal formula, called Liver Cleanse Formula. It provides a number of beneficial herbs for the liver.  Click for more info on the ingredients.

There are other more exotic and difficult ways to do a liver cleanse, I’ve tried some of them. but for now I’m getting good results with this little regime, so I’m going to stick with it.

One final but important note: If you are thinking of doing a liver cleanse, it’s important to have the bowels working good first. If you are constipated, a liver cleanse isn’t going to work very well. A good colon cleansing regime would be a good starting place, then think about the liver.

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