Making Light Work of Digestion

Enzyme Balance
Enzyme Balance

I feel so much better when I get myself into what I call, “Positive Enzyme Balance”

First I eat lots of locally grown, organic vegetables.

Then I make sure my digestive system has very light duty. During my Detox Boot Camp, I consume small amounts of fat and protein.

Nutritional Needs

Consuming a bit of fat and protein ensures that I won’t suffer some kind of major deficiency druing the detox. I can still function in everyday life. Unlike fasting or juice fasting, where you can really hit a low energy crisis. I learned long ago, the body actually needs protein for the detoxification organs to work efficiently.

Extra Enzymes

In addition I’m also taking enzyme supplements by mouth, several times throughout the course of the day. I take some before a meal, (or protein smoothie. if you call that a meal), and then 2-3 more during or after the meal. right now I’m taking 2 different enzyme supplements, Food Enzymes and Proactazyme Plus. both by Natures’ Sunshine.

Positive Enzyme Balance

So if all goes well, I am achieving positive enzyme balance. I am taking in more enzymes than I need for digestion. This leaves enzymes left over to be absorbed into my body, to go around and do good stuff in my system. This is known as – Systemic Enzyme Therapy. I’ll go into more detail in a future post.

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