Patricia Bragg talks about Jack LaLanne

fastingJack Lallanne was actually a scrawny, sickly youth at the age of 15. Not the glowing picture of health that most of us see today.

It was Paul Bragg who inspired Jack to change his life.

Jack moved from a junk food centered diet, to lifestyle of healthy eating, exercise and good health habits.

Patricia Bragg talks about
Jack LaLanne

Insipring other to Good Health

Since then Jack has dedicated himself to helping people improve their health and fitness. Jack LaLanne was a pioneer in the fitness field, designing and inventing several weight training machines, some of which are still in use today.

But as a child it was a different story. He had been to many doctors with no help. Consuming lots of sugar and junk food, Jack had many health problems.

  • He was so weak, he needed a back brace to sit up straight
  • Pimples, boils and carbuncles
  • Constant headaches

He was dragged, much to his displeasure to a Paul Bragg meeting. When he heard Paul and saw him speak, he realized he was a glowing picture of health and energy. He has not looked back since.


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