Juice Fasting News from New Zealand

juice fastingJules Barber is inspired by the dramatic changes she sees in peoples health.

It is exciting to see people waking up everyday feeling alive and feeling good in their body. Watching people create the lives they want to live.

New Zealanders Lighten Up
with Juice Fasting

The World Getting Fatter

People are getting fatter and fatter,  says Virginia, a lady who was fed up with being supersized. When she couldn’t reach down to tie her own shoes, it was time for a change.

Depressed, Need a Vacation?

Cary thought he needed a 6 month vacation, due to depression and liver issues. After a few days of juice fasting, he was feeling fantastic. No need for the 6 month vacation. In this video, you can see him juicing wheat grass, with a Green Star juicer. Very similar to the Green life juicer I have at home.

A Bonus Detox

One of the things I have added lately to my own detox regime is Dr Miller’s Iaso tea.  It is a blend of natural herbs, selected for their detox and weight loss properties. It is also great for an everyday drink to help keep the body and specifically the colon clean. Click on the image below to check it out.


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