Cleansing and Fasting Ideas For Beginners

fastingMost people have an overworked digestive system.

Have you noticed the incredible popularity of digestive aids recently?

Consider giving your digestive system a little vacation. This gives the detoxification systems of the body a chance to clean house. Continue reading “Cleansing and Fasting Ideas For Beginners”

Juice Fasting vs Eating Raw Vegetables

Juice fastingWhy is juicing better than just eating vegetables?

2 or 3 glasses of freshly made vegetable juice per day provides the equivalent of several large salads.

With juicing you get a concentrated flood of enzymes and nutrients. You would have to eat a large amount of vegetables to get the same value. Continue reading “Juice Fasting vs Eating Raw Vegetables”

Getting Ready for the Detox Boot Camp


It’s time again for my Detox Boot Camp. I did it last year about this time and had an absolutely wonderful experience. Be the end of the detox, I had more energy and mental clarity, than I’d had in a long time. Not that it was easy. There were a few challenging days for sure.

8 Day Detox Cleanse

In a couple of days I’m going to start the detox. Continue reading “Getting Ready for the Detox Boot Camp”