Getting Ready for the Detox Boot Camp


It’s time again for my Detox Boot Camp. I did it last year about this time and had an absolutely wonderful experience. Be the end of the detox, I had more energy and mental clarity, than I’d had in a long time. Not that it was easy. There were a few challenging days for sure.

8 Day Detox Cleanse

In a couple of days I’m going to start the detox. This time around I’m going to do it for 8 days. Should be enough time for a good vibrant health tune up.


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Right now I’m in the pre-cleanse phase. Cutting back on caffeine, adding more fre3sh vegetables and starting to really clean up the diet. This should make for an easier transition to the Detox Boot Camp.

More Videos About the Detox

This time around I promise to make more videos about the detox experience and give some more detail about exactly what I am doing. Enter you name and email in the from on this site and I’ll keep you posted. I promise not to spam you with a bunch of worthless junk.

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Detox Boot Camp”

  1. when detoxifying the body, i find it much better to use natural products rather than those synthetic detox products. that is why i always go after the natural detox way. but for convenience. those commercial detox kits are pretty much better..

  2. I am not getting enough fiber (25g) as required. I am not going to the toilet as I should. I am lethargic, no energy, depressed. What can you recommend that I can take to give me enough fiber. I eat about 3 fruits a day, a salad, oatmeat in the mornings, drink a lot of water. Is there any one thing that I can take to make me more regular.

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