Juice Fasting vs Eating Raw Vegetables

Juice fastingWhy is juicing better than just eating vegetables?

2 or 3 glasses of freshly made vegetable juice per day provides the equivalent of several large salads.

With juicing you get a concentrated flood of enzymes and nutrients. You would have to eat a large amount of vegetables to get the same value.

Juice Fasting vs Eating Raw Vegetables

The big difference between juice and a whole vegetable is the fiber. Juice contains no fiber. Therefore it is much easier for your body to absorb the nutrients. Yes, most people need more fiber, but juicing is one way to bolster your enzymes and nutrition quickly. Just make sure to eat some whole vegetables too, so you get some fiber. The exception would be during a juice fast, but this is a temporary situation, not something you would do everyday.

Hippocrates center teaches juice fasting once per week.


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