Experiment with New Greens

fastingI love to try new things, and Kardena gives us the right idea in this video.

Head on over to your local farmer’s market, or the produce section of the grocery store and try out some new greens.

Better if you have a health food store nearby, or a more upscale grocery store that has a better selection of fresh produce.

eat greens

Don’t be afraid to break of a little piece of a green plant and give it a try. A better idea might be to add a small amount to a vegetable blender smoothie, or throw a bit in your salad. some people have a hard time with straight greens, but blended in with other yummy stuff, they can add to the nutritional punch.
I have to admit, I never knew you could eat the green part of carrots. Next time I am out, I’ll pick some up and give them a try.


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